Guaranteed Rent, Long-Term Tenancies, NO FEES

Landlords who choose Easyroom’s FREE rental service get far more than you might imagine:

  • NO FEES NO FUSS. We don’t charge landlords a penny in fees or commission
  • FULL MANAGEMENT. We look after your property for you (for nothing)
  • GUARANTEED RENT. We’ll pay your agreed rent, year in and year out
  • MARKET PRICE. We’ll not quibble, if your rent expectations are fair we’ll meet them
  • We keep everything working and in tip-top condition
  • Our team of cleaners visit each property once a fortnight
  • 1–5 YEAR TENANCIES. We believe in long-term relationships
  • PROFESSIONAL TENANTS. Only the best for the properties we look after

If you think that a fee-free rental and management service that guarantees your rent and  long-term, stable tenancies so you can have complete PEACE OF MIND is too good to be true, think again.


We work with landlords, corporations and investors who own properties in London that we are confident we can rent out for them. But we don’t ask you to wait for us to find a tenant. Instead, we’ll immediately take on all responsibility for paying your rent ourselves – no fuss, no waiting around, no fee. We’ll then use our immense database of professionals to find the perfect tenants to call your property home.

Why would anyone wish to deal with the uncertainty of traditional rental payments, vacant property periods, costly estate agency and/or management fees, unreliable tenants or tradespeople when Easyroom can take responsibility for everything – looking for your property, looking after all the costs, and looking after your rent for the next one to five years.

Don’t let a traditional estate agency ‘try’ to rent your property, let Easyroom GUARANTEE it

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