Easyroom works with estate agencies and new home builders, developing strategic partnerships that drive more business for all.

Easyroom’s unique approach to property rental – through seeking out the very best homes across the capital and assuming full responsibility for their rent and maintenance over long-term tenancies – offers significant benefits to our strategic partners.


New Home Builders

Incentivise your investors and new homebuyers to purchase your properties by offering them access to Easyroom’s GUARANTEED RENT scheme. Take the guesswork out of their ROI calculations, allay their vacant property fears, and give them the confidence they need to buy. Easyroom takes full responsibility for rental payments and for looking after their property, maintaining the high quality of your development in the long term. We’ll then find the right professional tenants for the property ourselves. It’s a win/win/win for everyone concerned.

For your development to be considered by Easyroom, contact us today on 020 8144 2255 or at

Estate Agencies

Enhance your reputation for being the quickest renter in the region. If you have exceptional properties with landlords looking for guaranteed rent and professional tenants then you’ll probably benefit from working with us. We don’t charge you or your landlord, (though you can charge your usual agency fee to them if you like, or reduce it accordingly of course), but we’ll take full responsibility over the next one to five years for paying their rent and for looking after their property. We’ll keep it clean and fix whatever breaks, making you look good, saving you time, making you money.

For any of your properties to be considered by Easyroom, contact us today on 020 8144 2255 or at